Dear YOU,

I know time will come you'll be reading everything I wrote in here. I hope that somehow you'll feel the sincerity of my thoughts and that eventually you'll find it in your heart to fully forgive me. You take care always. Balik ka ulit ha? I'll be writing more. :)-- Dikya

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Monday, 27 July 2009


Due to too much depression since the previous week, I had been thirsting for some beer. So when I heard that some of my closest friends at work will be heading to Muchos (Metro Walk), I offered myself if I could join as well. lol I wanted to veer some thoughts so as much as possible, I wanted to be with my friends most of the time. Okay, so I came along with them, had too much food, too much fun, too much camwhoring and pow! I was spotted to be wearing his ring, still. As you all know, I am now counting down the days 'til he'll be taking the ring back. So I'm savoring every moment while I'm still wearing it. This ring means so much to me though it doesn't seem that way for him. He knows that I never removed this ring from my finger unless it's really needed. I love this ring as much as I love the man who gave it to me. He may not believe my words anymore but I speak the truth. You'll feel it.

I'm gonna miss this ring for the rest of my life...

Thank you readers! :)